Train your dog to behave better than your loved ones with these treats!

Training your dog can be as challenging as it is rewarding. While traditional dog treats are effective, the innovative use of freeze-dried fruits and candies can revolutionize the way you train and bond with your furry friend. These treats not only offer a healthier alternative but also provide a novel way to capture your dog’s attention and encourage better behavior. Let’s explore how these unique snacks can make your dog behave better than your loved ones.

Why Freeze-Dried Treats?

Health Benefits

Freeze-dried fruits and candies retain most of the nutritional value of their fresh counterparts, making them a superior snack choice for your dog. Rich in vitamins and fiber, these treats can contribute to a balanced diet, supporting overall health and vitality.

Intense Flavor

The freeze-drying process concentrates the natural flavors, making these treats exceptionally appealing to dogs. The enhanced taste helps maintain your dog’s interest in training sessions, ensuring they are eager to follow commands for their next bite.

Choosing the Right Freeze-Dried Treats

Safe Fruits for Dogs

Not all fruits are safe for canine consumption, so it’s important to choose wisely. Apples (without seeds), bananas, and blueberries are great options that are not only safe but also packed with nutrients. Avoid grapes, raisins, and any fruit with toxic seeds or pits.

Candy Considerations

While “candies” might sound unhealthy, there are dog-safe options available. Look for freeze-dried dog treats made with sweet potato, pumpkin, or peanut butter. Ensure they are free from xylitol, chocolate, and other harmful ingredients.

Training with Freeze-Dried Treats

  • Positive Reinforcement: Use these treats to reward your dog immediately after they follow a command or exhibit good behavior. This reinforces the behavior you want to see more often.
  • Variety is Key: Rotate between different flavors and types of freeze-dried treats to keep your dog interested and motivated.
  • Size Matters: Ensure the treats are small enough to be consumed quickly so that your dog’s focus remains on training, not chewing.

Innovative Training Tips

The Recall Game

Use freeze-dried fruits as a high-value reward in recall training. Their unique taste will help your dog associate coming back to you with receiving something special, improving response times.

Crate Training

Make the crate a positive space by offering a freeze-dried candy treat every time your dog enters voluntarily. The distinct flavor will make crate time something to look forward to.


Training your dog becomes an enjoyable and fruitful endeavor with freeze-dried fruits and candies. These treats not only cater to your dog’s taste preferences but also offer a healthier alternative to traditional training snacks. By incorporating these innovative treats into your training routine, you can look forward to a well-behaved companion who is always eager to learn new tricks.

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