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  • The Origins of Jawbreaker Candy?


    1. Overview of Jawbreaker Candy

    Jawbreaker candy, sometimes referred to as jawbreakers or gobstoppers, is one of my favourite kinds of candies. It’s a treat I’ve loved from childhood to this day. Jawbreaker candy is a hard and round treat that you lick and eat slowly. It typically takes many hours to finish just one of these treats.

    2. Importance of Understanding the History

    And the best way to do that is to explore their history. Jawbreakers have come a long way from their first appearance. Taking a peek into the past reminds us that evolution is a long and winding road, and is also a great indicator of the dynamic nature of popular culture.

    The Origins of Jawbreaker Candy

    1. The Birth of Jawbreaker: A Sweet Invention

    Jawbreaker candy has a history dating back to the late 19th century. Here’s how it works: it’s a centre of hard candy with a layer and then another layer swirled around it on top.

    2. Early Examples of Jawbreakers

    Simple early jawbreakers consisted of a core surrounded by layers of sugar syrup gradually built up around it. They were often hand-formed, so would differ in size, texture and flavour.

    3. The Creation Process of Jawbreaker Candy

    If you have ever sampled a jawbreaker, you have tasted the result of a multistep process involving layers of sugar.Confectioners work hard to create jawbreaker candies from a sugar syrup onto which their creations are slowly built layer by layer.

    Rise in Popularity

    1. Jawbreakers Enter the Mainstream Market

    By the middle of the 20th century, jawbreakers had become huge hits, available in candystores, vending machines and movie houses for all ages.

    2. Marketing Strategies and Packaging Innovations

    However, the catchy names, which were often just random words, were part of a marketing campaign and the slick packaging – occasionally embellished with powerful images, knockout colours and seemingly endless repetitions of the candy name – all worked together to promote the jawbreakers.

    3. Iconic Jawbreaker Moments in Popular Culture

    Perhaps the most celebrated appearance of jawbreakers in pop culture was the unforgettable scene in the 1993 film Dazed and Confused, in which Matthew McConaughey’s character reaches into a bag of swallowing ointment to preserve his virginity, before breathlessly declaring: ‘How ’bout you and me go grab us a giant jawbreaker?’ It’s this kind of media moment that has kept the candy an enduring part of pop culture.

    The Evolution of Jawbreaker Candy

    1. Flavor Innovations: From Classic to Unique Varieties

    Eventually, jawbreaker candy began to embrace other flavours than the classic cherry or lemon, and now, there are countless unusual flavours, from sour to tropical to just-downright-dare-you varieties, like flavours inspired by your favourite snacks.

    2. The Influence of Technology on Jawbreaker Production

    The beauty of jawbreaking technology is the improved production process of candy making these days. It is now easy to make jawbreaking candies because there are machines that can make jawbreaking candies with just the right sizes consistently.

    3. The Introduction of Giant Jawbreakers

    ‘Go big or go home’ became the watchword and, beginning with the enormous jawbreakers, candy makers recast candy itself as a realm of fantasy by creating massive, multicoloured hard candies that seemed even grittier and more absorbing than the standard versions.

    Jawbreakers Around the World

    1. Global Appeal: Jawbreakers as a Popular Treat

    Yet, such are the attractions of jawbreakers, that they have gone intercontinental. From the Americas to Europe to Asia to Australia, people from all corners of the world have adopted these hard candies and made them part of their own unique cultural offerings.

    2. Regional Variations and Cultural Significance

    While the original contains nine distinct layers of sugar, its US-oriented equivalent comes in six, while the UK version (produced by Sugar Puffs, a cereal subbrand) contains five. Size counts too: US blocks reach a diameter of 2 inches (5cm) and are coloured with different layers of green and purple, while their British counterparts clock in at 1.5 inches (4cm). Official flavours – if you can call them that – include long-standing vanilla and chocolate, and modern arrivals such as pina colada.

    3. Fun Facts About Jawbreakers in Different Countries

    Did you know that they’re called ‘canicas’ in Mexico? Or that some varieties of jawbreakers in Japan have little toys inside them? Explore these shocking facts from jawbreakers from around the world.

    Collecting Jawbreaker Memorabilia

    1. The Fascination with Jawbreaker Collectibles

    For some, however, there’s more than just eating: jawbreaker memorabilia has become yet another way to share one’s enthusiasm.

    2. Rare and Valuable Jawbreaker Items

    Exclusive, rare Jawbreakers, like those packaged in limited runs, or even those with vintage advertisements or historic flavours, are real collectibles, attractive to ardent Jawbreakers aficionados.

    3. Tips for Starting a Jawbreaker Memorabilia Collection

    We’re here to kickstart your jawbreaker memorabilia collection, with tips on how to get started.

    The Biggest Jawbreaker Ever Made

    1. The Quest for the Largest Jawbreaker

    Pushing the candy-making envelope, the quest for a larger jawbreaker began, and, in journalistic terms, the race was on.

    2. Record-Breaking Jawbreaker Measurements

    ‘Go BIG on your next candy Rush!’ And the winners are: Records for the world’s largest jawbreakers and jaw-dropping measurements.

    3. Unveiling the Giant Jawbreaker

    Prepare to witness the largest jawbreaker ever made be unveiled! It took craft, devotion, and celebration for this extra-large confectionary to be made.

    Jawbreaker Legends and Myths

    1. Urban Legends Surrounding Jawbreakers

    Indeed, some wildly unfalsifiable legends and myths have gathered around the jawbreaker, from the tall-tale-urban-legend about a jawbreaker ‘so tough not even my grandfather managed to break it’ to the first myth (that predates Zollers by decades) about children who swallowed jawbreakers whole and perished after their candies clogged their digestive tracts.

    2. Debunking Jawbreaker Myths

    Here’s the popular story, but what’s the truth? What kid, or adult, hasn’t said that about a jawbreaker? For this month’s issue of Answers , I decided to crack a jawbreaker into its constituent parts. But I needed help. So I reached out to Tim Crowley, the executive vice-president of Blow Pop maker Farley’s & Sather’s Confections for insights into the context of the candy, and to Chandrasekhar Ramanathan at Cornell University for support with the science.

    3. Jawbreakers: A Mythical Sweet Delight

    Among the lore of candy, jawbreakers are the stuff of romance; or, at the very least, of faerytale. The world of confectionary is rich with magical offerings – think of the Hershey Kiss, a divine chocolate treat blessed with a special foil hat, offering a kiss to anyone who tries to unwrap it. Then consider the nefarious Whopper nougat morsels, looking innocuously like malted milk balls, but full of gritty despair. Or the Twizzler, a 3ft-long tube of red-dyed corn syrup, rumoured in many parts of the US to contain the elixir of life. But for many people, the jawbreaker is simply unshakeable: a rock of pedigree. Wrigley Junior Mints, a jawbreaker implication of gelatinous mint and creamy chocolate, are said to never run by Disney World. Skittles, variously consumed as bribes to schoolkids or tranq-bait for flies, keep the horse carousel in Trafalgar Square whistling a compliant tune. Hershey’s Kisses have spread from West Yorkshire to every continent on Earth, and its various imitations hold a commanding presence on supermarket shelves everywhere. But the jawbreaker is in a league of its own, a powerful juggernaut of a candy. It comes in many descriptions (‘rope’, ‘golden nuggets’, ‘jawbreakaphone’, ‘little boulders’, ‘church glass’, ‘dinosaur egg’), but they all share one very important aspect. With the Diamond Blow-Breaker® from Guenevere of South Barre, Massachusetts, it’s all in the name.

    The Enduring Appeal of Jawbreakers

    1. Nostalgia and the Love for Jawbreaker Candy

    Our visceral attachment to the timelessness of treats like the jawbreaker is rooted partly in the feelings of joy and nostalgia that are conjured up in us when we think of eating them.

    2. Jawbreakers in the Modern Era

    The candy world is in constant flux, after all – but the jawbreaker has been around for so long it will likely not be going anywhere, anytime soon. Its tradition is part of the appeal, as is the fact that new flavour combinations and technology are now ensuring the candy’s bright future.

    3. Jawbreaker's Place in the Candy Industry Today

    Despite the endless stream of new confectionery categories, jawbreakers carve out a place in a multifaceted candy world.


    To sum it up, the history of the jawbreaker is an enjoyable ride of moving from a small, unknown ball on a stick to becoming the world’s most globally recognised ball of hard candy. From the trip around the world to the evolution and to the cultural meaning of jawbreakers, it brings about a story that makes it a truly iconic and beloved sweet.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    A Jawbreaker, what is that, you ask?

    A jawbreaker is a hard, round, circular candy that is made to be slowly consumed. It can provide hours of sweet bliss. It is also known as a Gobstopper, it’s a piece of candy.

    How long does it take you to eat a jawbreaker?

    It depends: the bigger the jawbreaker, the longer it takes to finish. Some people eat their jawbreakers in just a couple of hours, others even finish them within a few days.

    Is it bad for your teeth to eat jawbreakers?

    Jawbreakers are sugar confectionery - they are balls of hard candy which can potentially risk dental damage by consuming too much or biting into them too hard. If you decide to chomp down on this sugary snack, then it should really only be for fun, in moderation, and with the regular flossing of your teeth afterwards.

    Do you have to have your jawbreaker to your death?

    Althought jawbreaker are made to slowly melt in the mouth, choking is possible if they are chewed or swallowed whole. Please enjoy your jawbreaker with caution and amazement and amazing size jawbreaker.

    Where to buy jawbreakers?

    Jawbreakers are available almost everywhere on the market. You even can find them in shops, online stores, supermarkets or saving stores
    They can be available in different flavours and sizes as well.



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