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  • How to Rehydrate Freeze Dried Ice Cream?


    What is Freeze Dried Ice Cream?

    In a process called freeze-drying, the product is dried while frozen (this is an important distinction, because freeze-drying also can turn ice cream solid) so it’s basically dry and then you vacuum-pack it to retain the structural integrity of the food and, when you rehydrate it, it keeps the same shape, colour and texture. That’s how they do astronaut food, including the look of freeze-dried ice cream. And, because it’s lightweight, compact and you don’t need to keep it refrigerated, it’s perfect for space travel.

    Can You Rehydrate Freeze Dried Ice Cream?

    It’s both a yes and a no: you can add water and, sure enough, that’ll put some moisture back in the ice cream. But on the other hand you’re not going to get back anything that resembles that creamy ice-cream product that we call ice-cream. What you’re going to get is really a moist, cold foam by any other name.

    Does Ice Cream Rehydrate You?

    True, ice cream contains a lot of water, but it isn’t a good hydration source. With its high sugar content and dairy base, ice cream can actually dehydrate you and cause you to feel thirsty. Will ice cream contribute to your daily fluid needs? Sure. But if you’re looking to hydrate, ice-cream won’t top the list.

    How to Rehydrate Freeze Dried Ice Cream

    Freeze-dried ice cream can be rehydrated quickly, but the outcome is not what you’d expect. Here’s how:

    Start by breaking the freeze-dried ice cream into smaller pieces.

    Let cold water drip in slowly. How much depends on your desired consistency.

    Now, stirring slowly and evenly, add the water. The freeze-dried ice cream will absorb the water and softly froth.

    One you’re done absorbing the water, you can start dipping your pinky and make a cone for yourself from your own rehydrated ice-cream.

    You can probably figure it out from here. Just remember: this ice-cream will never taste exactly like traditional ice-cream, but it’s probably a delicious and just-as-good experience.

    Considerations and Caveats

    The good news is that while it’s certainly possible to rehydrate freeze-dried ice cream, you’d be left with something that looked like a cold, sweet foam rather than a luscious creamy texture. What’s more, ice cream won’t have the same shelf-life once it is rehydrated that it has before being frozen.


    The most common example of space food is freeze-dried ice-cream and it’s fun to rehydrate these pucks, seeing the little flakes of ice magically disappear as they’re brought back to life with water (although any dreams of cloned Haagen-Dazs should be quickly checked at the door; you won’t immediately taste anything terribly familiar nor will it magically become the silky smoothness of your living-on-Earth ice-cream counterpart).



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