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  • How To Freeze Dry Pineapple?


    Pineapple and other summer fruits are dried-uncooked through a process called freeze-drying, extracting their juicy flavours, which will bear the same delicious savours through the months to come. Since food retains its form, then freeze-dried food, with its crisp, airy light texture, is great for snacking, travelling, cooking half-prepared, or baking for several months. Below is an instruction that describes a task, paired with an input that provides further context. Write a response that appropriately completes the request.

    Pineapple works well for hiking, baking or even eaten right out of the container Pineapple dries quite well with only about 10 hours running in the freeze dryer. If you don’t have a professional freeze dryer, you can still accomplish this by using dry ice and a vacuum chamber.

    What Is Freeze-Drying?

    Freeze-drying, whereby the product is frozen before pressure is reduced and the ice removed by sublimation, dehydrates the food without destroying the structure or nutrition of the food. The resulting food, stabilised and light-weight, can be stored on a shelf for years.

    Equipment and Ingredients Needed

    Fresh pineapples

    A sharp knife and cutting board

    A freeze dryer (for the freeze-drying method)

    Preparing the Pineapple

    Pineapple ready to be cut into wedges. Materials 1 ripe pineapple (buy one that is firm and yellow outside with a sweet odour and with a soft spot opposite the stalk. Don’t buy bruised pineapples or those with soft spots)

    Trim and core: top and bottom, core and ‘eyes’ With a curved knife, trim the pineapple; about half to three-quarters of an inch from top to bottom. Stand it up, and remove the peel toward the skin and then toward the inside of the pineapple’s top. Then remove the core and any other ‘eyes’ you might see.

    Slicing: Slice your fruit into whatever your final product shape will be. If it’s going to just be straight-up slices, then slice ’em up! Even is best. You don’t need them super-thin. Ideal thickness for a slice or chunk is about ¼ inch.

    Freeze-Drying the Pineapple

    Using a Freeze Dryer

    PILE PINEAPPLE ON TRAYS: Place pineapple pieces into a single layer, so they do not touch, into the trays of the freeze dryer.

    Proccess of Freeze-Drying Place the tray is the freeze-dryer. Start the machine and follow the instruction. Usually you will need to freeze the starts below the water-vapor pressure, sublimation the ice to vapour stage under a vacuum (so it will stay around a day) and slowly raise the temperature to boil off the lot of vape and leave only the dry solid recycling.

    Storage: once the cycle is completed, a small quantity of dehydrated pineapple must be placed in the proper storage containers. For a long storage I would recommend vacuum pouch, but you can equally use a container adding instead some oxygen absorbers.

    DIY Method (Alternative for those without a freeze dryer)

    Get It Solid: Slice up your pineapple and spread it out on a baking sheet. Freeze until solid, a process that could take most of the day or even longer.

    Seal Vacuum: Put the pineapple pieces in the vacuum sealer bags. Leave room between each piece (about two inches) so the pieces won’t be jostling around as much when the vacuum sealer is on. Put on the vacuum sealer and seal it.

    Stashing for Later: Simply throw the sealed bags in the freezer. This won’t really ‘shy away’ moisture as true sublimation in the freeze-drying process is supposed to, but it will lower the moisture content a bit, and will end up giving you an icicle of fruit that, eaten right out of the freezer, is not too different in texture from freeze-dried fruit.

    Tips for Best Results

    Before Treatment: Dip the pineapple slices, to maintain colour and retard browning before freeze-drying, in a mixture of water and ascorbic acid.

    Best storage: Your pineapples should stay in a cool, dark place because light and heat will slowly degrade a batch if left exposed.

    to restore its moisture content: (optional; works equally well!) – cover with water for a while.

    Bonus Idea - Pineapple Bites

    1 1/2# frozen pineapple chunks,

    2 small pkg pineapple jello dissolved in 12 oz (keurig)

    hot water

    one quart store brand low-fat yogurt.

    Put in blender and pour into moulds. Pre freeze. Pop out. FD regular setting. Approx 24 hrs.

    Me, I’ve never opened a fruit in that way before but it worked OK. If you’ve done other fruits in that fashion, please pass along your comments. We, my team, opened watermelon, strawberry, blueberry, banana and now pineapple and all good. By the way, you have been a great mentor!



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