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  • How to Freeze Dry Pears?


    The Basics of Freeze Drying Pears

    What is Freeze Drying?

    Freeze drying renders (by removing water while retaining structure and nutritional content) to vapor.117

    Why Freeze Dry Pears?

    With freeze drying you get the benefit of being able to enjoy pears year-round without it having to be in season. You retain the nutritional value of the fruit, and freeze dried pears can be enjoyed as a snack or used in recipes and are great for long term storage!

    Preparing Pears for Freeze Drying

    Selection of Pears

    The first step is choosing the pears. Make absolutely sure that everything you put in your machine will make a good end product. The better quality your ingredients, the better quality your end product. How can you tell which pears are best to freeze dry? Firm. Skin should not have any dents or dark areas. No blemishes.

    Washing and Cutting Pears

    Second, wash the pears well to eliminate dust or mould. Third, cut them into slices or pieces. The smaller the pieces, the quicker they’re freeze-dried, but how you cut them depends on the end result you want.

    Pre-treatment of Pears

    Coating the pears before freeze-drying, for instance, can help restore the colour and texture after the processing, as well as during storage. This step often involves blanching the fruit in water, as well as dipping in an ascorbic acid solution.

    The Freeze Drying Process

    Freezing the Pears

    Now the pears need to be frozen, usually in a home freezer, though blast freezing is an option for a faster freeze (ie you’d use a blast freezer in a commercial set up). The quicker you get them frozen, the better your end product will be in terms of structure and nutrient preservation.

    Applying Vacuum and Sublimation

    With the pears already reduced in water activity, they are now ready to be placed in the freeze dryer chamber and a vacuum applied to the frozen produce. In the primary drying phase, a reduced pressure will cause the frozen water to turn to vapour. The exact time of the primary drying phase dealing with the removal of frozen water will depend on the initial temperature of the product before processing. After the initial product weight loss during primary drying, a secondary drying phase is required, removing any bound water left to achieve the water activity desired in the pear.

    Final Drying

    Once the vacuum and sublimation process is completed, some of the pear shrinks are then subject to a final drying phase that is relatively simple. If the product is destined for commercial sale, there are secondary processes such as packaging, labeling, cooking and storage that further contribute to preservation of the freeze dried pears.

    Storing Freeze Dried Pears

    • Packaging

    In order to keep freeze dried pears fresh for a longer period of time, the pears need to be in a proper packaging. Packed in vacuum sealed bags or airtight containers, the moisture would be less likely to penetrate into your delicious freeze dried pears.

    • Storage Conditions

    The best place to store freeze dried pears is in a cool, dark place. The temperature should be kept constant, below 75 degrees fahrenheit during storage. Beyond that, high humidity is not conducive to preserve the quality of the freeze dried pears.

    Using Freeze Dried Pears

    Rehydrating Pears

    If you want to consume them without any loss of texture, just drop the pears in water and let the water wash away the chemicals. You could even use the juice for a rehydrated pears cocktail! This also works if you just want to make a nutritious topping for fruit. Simply consumer the fruit mixed with water, and let the water wash the chemicals out. That’s it! So easy, doesn’t take any time at all, and is completely doable to maintain your health.

    Using in Recipes

    When freeze dried, a pear could be the perfect ingredient for a variety of dishes, from a quick chocolate cake or jet-black salt and sour pear salad, to a crunchy topping for your cereal in the morning.

    Can you freeze pears for smoothies?

    For sure! Toss a few into the blender for a smoothie for a more fruity flavour and some unique texture. Plus, you get more fruit in your diet when pears aren’t in season, no news is good news!


    Freeze dried pears are a wonderful way to preserve this tasty fruit for extended use. Freshness and taste are maintained while making it easy to store as well as to enjoy as a snack to add to smoothies and desserts. Now you can’t help but love pear!


    • Which kind of pears is better for the freeze-drying?

    Any kind of pear can be used for it. My advice is to select fully ripe but firm pears without any bruises or damage.

    • For how long are freeze dried pears good for?

    If a pouch is kept properly stored, freeze dried pears should stay good for years without losing their nutritional value or taste.

    It is possible to cook with freeze dried pears, yes. I have rehydrated these freeze dried pear rings and added them to breads and cookies and salads.

    • What is the best way to rehydrate freeze dried pears?

    In order to rehydrate freeze dried pears, begin by soaking them in water for a few minutes. After the pears have been rehydrated, they can be cooked in a variety of ways or prepared and eaten by themselves.

    • Do you know that you can freeze pears to a smoothie?

    Freeze dried pears are great to use in smoothies. It gives your smoothie juicy fruity flavour and texture.



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