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  • How to Freeze Dry Meat: A Comprehensive Guide?


    Introduction to Freeze Drying

    What is Freeze Drying?

    Freeze-drying – or to give it the full name for such a process: lyophilisation, yes there is a reason why the technicial name of a process begins with ‘lyo’, meaning ‘Freezing vapourisation’; freeze + vaporise + Iota + lexis – is where we take the water out of perishables so that meat for example can become dried and more of less keep the look, but keep the nutrition. Brilliant.

    Why Choose to Freeze Dry Meat?

    Freeze drying meat is good too, retaining all nutrition value, the products can be kept for a long period of time, light weight, so save the energy to store and transfer,just add some water and eat,take no time to dishes,very good to use in an emergency.

    The Freeze Drying Process

    Preparation for Freeze Drying

    At first, the preparing meat need wash and cut into meat slice, it should scan before freezing dry.The giving time depend on the thickness of meat slice, which is the important factor for dry time.

    The Process of Freeze Drying Meat

    The Freezing Stage

    In the cryogenic stage, the blood of the meat is pumped through liquid coolant fluid with a high speed to make the meat frozen below approximately -30℃ within a short time. The size of the ice crystal is one of the significant factors for the quality of the freeze-dried meat. Therefore, it is required to pay close attention to the phenomenon in this stage.

    The Primary Drying Stage

    The second step is the main drying step: sublimation. This is where the ice in the beef is converted directly from solid to gas (bypassing the liquid state), under a vacuum so the water vapour can escape.

    The Secondary Drying Stage

    Secondary drying removes the last bit of moisture content at a higher temperature and pressure, once all the water (even the molecularly bound part) has been removed. And thus, freeze-dried meat is achieved.

    How to Freeze Dry Chicken: A Special Case

    Preparation of the Chicken

    Pieces of chicken are meat just as much as anything else and so have to be cut up first before it is all washed prior to drying. Chicken has far more water content, however, so spending four days to dry out in the freeze drier is a rather lengthy time. Waiting is the most important part of the whole process.

    Freeze Drying the Chicken

    It involves freeze drying chicken in three stages just like other meats: first frozen, later comes the primary drying, and at last the secondary drying. Due to its big quantity of water, the process of drying take a bit longer for each stage.

    At the end of the process, the chicken is light and tastes delicious and can be stored.

    Preserving the Quality of Freeze-Dried Meats

    Storing Freeze-Dried Meats

    After this process, keep your meats in a cool and dry place, that is to say, in glass jars or vacuum-sealed bags, so that they have a really long shelf-life, in a dark cupboard, if possible. And voilá! You can keep your beans as long as you want!


    Why, if you wanted to put some meat aside for the long term, you could fill a bucket with… freezo dried meat. And it’s a great thing to do because… chicken being the one. So, the process is actually about three days long but there is some prep work that you need to do up front, which again is nice. Freeze dried meat, super nutrient dense and full of flavour. Ready in two minutes. That’s your meals right there. Bang, bang, bang. And secondly, pride. Because only you knew that you did that.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can some meats not be freeze dried?

    No, any type of meat can be freeze dried but the process will vary based on meat type.

    2. How long can freeze-dried meat be eaten?

    When stored well (in an airtight container, in a cool and dark place) quite a few years.

    3. So it kills bacteria?

    No, actually. Freeze drying inactivates many types of bacteria and other microorganisms but it does not kill them. They will not grow without water.

    4. How do you restore the moisture content of meat that was freeze-dried?

    In order to restore moisture content, put an amount of freeze-dried meat that will fit into the pot into sufficient water to cover by absorbing water until the size of the food is restored; if using hot water, the process takes a shorter time and is also easier.

    5. Would it be possible to do our own freeze dried meat at home ?

    Yes, it would!!



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