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  • How To Freeze Dry Lemon?



    Have you ever stopped to consider how those freeze dried lemon slices you like to sprinkle over your dishes or snack on got that way? Maybe you’ve thought about whether you can freeze dry lemon juice?
    It turns out that freeze drying lemons isn’t difficult and, once you learn how, you’ll see that freeze drying has a number of benefits when it comes to preserving lemons.
    In this guide, we’ll teach you how to freeze dry your lemons and show you how to benefit from the process.

    Introduction to Freeze Drying Lemons

    What is Freeze Drying?

    Traditionally we eat food because it spoils. We are creatures who walk around yet need to eat every day. The best way to stop food rotting is freezing. But rather than just freezing it, we can also dehydrate it in something called a freeze drier or, to use its proper name, a lyophiliser. A lyophiliser freezes the food, then sucks out the surrounding air and lowers the pressure as far as possible. The food is no longer heavy so it cannot fall, and seals against the cold in a heavy cloak. Once the freezer door is closed, everything remains still. When all the air has been removed, the ice in the food sublimes into water vapour. What is left is lightweight food that will keep indefinitely – a great invention to extend perishable foods indefinitely.

    The Benefits of Freeze Dried Lemons

    Freeze dried lemons contain virtually all their nutritional essence, and therefore are one of the best vitamin C concentrates around. They’re also a brilliant way of adding fine lemon zest to a recipe without the mess and bother of grating and squeezing lemons, and a great way of adding freshness and sunshine to a plate when lemons are out of season or not around.

    The Process of Freeze Drying Lemons

    Necessary Equipment for Freeze Drying

    A homemade system for freeze-drying lemons would require an actual freeze dryer – an expensive purchase, but one that can be used to freeze-dry a wide variety of foods.

    Preparing the Lemons

    Wash your lemons really well. Slice thinly – about ¼ inch thick these will freeze dry faster and more evenly. Remove the seeds as they will effect the taste.

    The Freeze Drying Process

    Freezing the Lemons

    Put the lemon slices into the trays of the freeze dryer and select ‘freeze’. This is the first, longest phase to happen in the freeze dryer. As a rough guide, that should involve around six hours.

    Creating a Vacuum

    After the lemons are frozen, the freeze dryer reduces the pressure inside the chamber. This is phase two, also called the primary drying phase.

    Drying and Finishing Up

    At the end of the drying cycle the machine slowly warms the lemons to evaporate any remaining moisture, and when finished, the slices are ready for storage. The result is a beautiful slice of lemons.

    Using Freeze Dried Lemon Slices

    In Cooking and Baking

    If you store freeze dried lemons, these can be easily reconstituted and used as another ingredient in its place, for example incorporated into curd, or you could also ground them into a powder for use in sweet and savoury dishes to add brightness to any cuisine.

    For Health and Wellness

    Their high-vitamin C content makes them suitable for use in home remedies, added to tea – or even eaten straight up for a vitamin C shot.

    Can You Freeze Dry Lemon Juice?

    The Possibilities and Limitations

    So while it is technically possible to freeze dry lemon juice, the procedure is not as straightforward and much less satisfactory than freeze drying whole lemons or slices. In general, freeze drying liquids often tends to result in a marginal product that is difficult to rehydrate or use effectively.


    Lemon is one of the favourite freeze dried snacks which is used to be put on desserts, cakes, yoghurts and even to make a similar taste of Tang or limonade. To extend its useful life, it is advised to freeze dry lemons. You can make use of the best freeze dryer at home or purchase a packet of freeze dried lemon slices from the store. These citrus fruits are treasure troves of dietary fibre and Vitamin C. Thus, you can always freeze dry lemons to savour and reap the advantages.


    1. How long do freeze dried lemons last?

    Lemon can be stored for decades if the proper precautions are taken. Keep freeze dried lemons in a dark, cool area of your home, in an airtight container. And your lemon flavor will last for years.

    2. Can I freeze dry other citrus fruits using the same method?

    Definitely! You can use the same freeze drying process to make your own orange, lemon, lime and grapefruit powders.

    3. Is a freeze dryer necessary for freeze drying lemons?

    You can attempt to carry it out with DIY techniques however, if you really need to freeze dry lemons, the only way to trust that the desired outcome is maintained the right way is with a freeze dryer.

    4. Are freeze dried lemons as nutritious as fresh lemons?

    Yes, freeze dried lemons retain almost all of their nutritional content, including vitamin C.

    5. Is it all right to substitute freeze dried lemons for fresh lemons in a recipes?

    Yes, you can reconstitute freeze dried lemon slices for a nice curd or other citrusy dish, or to reach for lemon’s tartness, you can simply grind them down for a lemon powder.



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