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  • How To Freeze Dry Candies?


    What is Freeze Drying?

    Lyophilisation is a method for removing moisture content from a substance in a way that leaves it largely unchanged in shape and properties. A common product you can buy that is the result of this process is the extended shelf-life of many candies. For instance, after a candy is first frozen, lowering its temperature enough for the water molecules to become fixed in place in a rigid lattice, the candy is next exposed to a vacuum so that the frozen water can sublime into vapour via sublimation – a transition achieved between states bypassing a liquid state, which occurs quickly when water molecules transform from the solid phase directly to the gaseous phase.

    Why Freeze Dry Candies?

    The advantages and techniques of freeze-drying candies are straightforward. Taste and texture of the human-created sweet nuggets will be more or less preserved and, at the same time, their life will be extended considerably. For instance, the growth of microbes will be hindered by the removal of moisture which is the main factor to this happening. Likewise, reactions of enzymes wouldn’t come about because moisture is a crucial component in such reactions. In terms of ordinary perspective, freeze-dried candies are beneficially lightweight. Therefore, they are absolutely excellent for backpacking trips, camping voyages or on the move.

    Equipment Needed for Freeze Drying Candies

    Before you embark on your freeze drying journey, you will need the following equipment:

    Freeze dryer the main tool! If you are planning to buy one home freeze dryer, this page is designed to help you buy the best one; If you are planning to rent one home, you can also rent one from us if there is enough space in the shop for storage.

    Vacuum pump: device that provides a vacuum for the cycle of operation of the freeze dryer, and keeps it ‘under vacuum’.

    Airtight containers: What you’ll need to store your finished freeze-dried candies in are some airtight containers.

    Preparing the Candies

    Pick your candies, make sure they’re not stale and not too moist and sticky, remove any maple sugar that might be in the bags so there’s no moisture and no condensation inside the bags, and check for air bubbles or white smears which the candy-makers have not tried to encapsulate, but should be removed. Maybe this seems like stating the obvious, but a few candies from the pre-torched world, like a couple chocolate discs from that aforementioned sample ziplock, didn’t make it through to the other side.

    Pre-Freezing the Candies

    To start, place the tray of candies in the freezer and pre-freeze for at least two hours before you begin the process. This step keeps the candies solid and prevents them from clumping together during the freeze drying.

    Setting up the Freeze Dryer

    Your vacuum freeze dryer must be cleaned and kept dry. Install it according to the user manual. The vacuum pump needs to be connected to the vacuum freeze dryer. The pump and other items need to be assembled well and tested.

    Loading the Candies into the Freeze Dryer

    When your freeze dryer is ready, remove the candies that you pre-froze in your freezer. Place your candies in a single layer on the trays that your freeze dryer came with. Leave space between your candies so they can all have even air flow to freeze-dry by not putting too much candy on the tray.

    Starting the Freeze Drying Process

    Make sure the candies fit nicely into the trays before putting them into the freeze dryer. Place the trays into the freeze dryer. Seal the freeze dryer. Select your unit’s freeze dryer mode by turning on the power. Consult your unit’s instructions for specific parameters, but in general, this will include a temperature and a vacuum level.

    Monitoring the Process

    In the course of freeze drying process, we need to observe the process. Either the process temperature is causing more than enough, or the less doesnt satisfy the desire. The vacuum need to be added either less or more. The duration of process based on the quantity of candies and the type of candies processed at the vacuum machine, it may take a period from a night and a day days or more, hours or days.

    Removing the Freeze-Dried Candies

    The candies are now freeze dried and ready to be removed from the freeze dryer. First, shut off your machine and open its door. It is a heavy door that requires two hands to move. The condenser was at a high vacuum when the machine was on and the door is at pressure, so move it very slowly. Retrieve the trays from what is now a dark chamber and let the candies reach room temperature before touching the product.

    Storing the Freeze-Dried Candies

    Cooled freeze-dried candies should be packed tightly into airtight containers immediately to extend its shelf life. Make sure that containers are clean and dry. Seal them well then keep them in a cool and dry place and away from sunlight and moisture. Properly stored, freeze-dried candies can be stored for a long period of time in good quality.

    Tips for Successful Freeze Drying

    Choose candies with low moisture content for better results.

    Experiment with different types of candies to discover unique flavors and textures.

    Label the containers with the date of freeze drying for easy reference.

    And that’s why you always keep the boxes closed at all times, because the top containers tend to get damp and cause the candies to rot!

    Common Mistakes to Avoid

    Overloading the freeze dryer with too many candies.

    Not pre-freezing the candies adequately, leading to clumping during the process.

    Ignoring the recommended temperature and vacuum levels.

    Storing the freeze-dried candies in improper containers or environments.


    How hard is it to freeze-dry candies?

    Candies are not difficult to freeze, only you have to follow the steps, of course, having the appropriate equipment is very important. After a while, you will have no trouble and surely your candies will be consistently good.

    Do most candies, with a filling such as chocolate Rolo or Twix, freeze dry successfully?

    Those are likely not the ones we’d want to put in the freeze-dryer. The contents can become gooey or even change texturally: stick with the hard candies.

    How long will the freeze dried candies last?

    Freeze-dried candies should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place for several months to a year or so; if stored well, they will maintain their clean, ‘light candy’ flavour and dry, crunchy texture.

    Can I freeze-dry homemade candies?

    You betcha. Just make sure the suckers are prepared, pre-frozen, and loaded into the home freeze-dryer according to the instructions listed above.

    Can I rehydrate the freeze-dried candies?

    Although you can just eat the freeze-dried candies as is, you can simplify rehydration to restore them to their original state. Place the freeze-dried candies in water for a few minutes to restore them to their original state.



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