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  • Grape Delight: Tiny Burst of Freeze-Dried Grapes?


    Suppose there was a grape, purple as lust, as luscious as love could be. Pop! Another taste sensation unlike any other, a moment made for munching; you know like that. Even more ‘pop’ – the favoured of foodies – in freeze-dried grapes: a wonderful walking snack.

    What are Freeze-Dried Grapes?

    Freeze-dried grapes are just fuzzy, dehydrated grapes. In other words, they’re grapes.

    The Process of Freeze Drying. How do they get to be this airy, crisp snack? Once those grapes are advanced to a cold temperature, they are deeply frozen, and usual, what is placed on a vacuum machine that subsequently looses water through sublimation. This is a means where water turns to vapour without having to go through the intermediate state of liquid (this really faction is McDonald’s however, we’re talking science fiction already!)

    And How They’re Different From Raisins Mind you, these are not your grandmother’s raisins, that is, grapes that were traditionally sun-dried by leaving the grapes on racks in a sun-drying chamber or out in the sun itself, or even machine-dried. Raisins are sundried and one could argue that they are ‘hibernated’, but freeze-dried grapes have much of the flavour, texture and even the nutrition of the grape intact since they have not simply been sundried, machine-dried, or even ‘hibernated’ – they have virtually frozen. Dried grapes and freeze-dried grapes are like the book and the movie based on it: both good (one in the Booker longlist) but very different.

    Benefits of Freeze-Dried Grapes

    Vitamin-And-Mineral Preservation The vitamins and minerals get preserved as well because they don’t get cooked away. Goji berries are a ‘supergrape’ because they contain high amounts of antioxidants, vitamin C and fibre — and after freeze-drying, you will still take in all of these nutrients in abundance.

    A Longer Shelf Life Tired of those grapes getting mouldy after a week? These little nibblers will stay fresh much longer, making a quick snack readily available.

    Flavour Bomb Finally, when the water in the grape evaporates away, what’s left is an unusually high concentration of the flavours of the grape. These products are created in a kind of flavour-heavy party in your mouth. This is what we mean by the flavour explosion.

    How to Enjoy Your Freeze-Dried Grapes

    Self Standing Here they are, you do not need to worry about putting them up because they stand up on their own (or literally). You only need to pop ’em out.

    Crickets for Cereals and Salads Um brassiers will be happy with crickets, as they are one more option to top your favourite breakfast. Serve some at lunch too, just for the unique texture.

    Mix it into Smoothies or Desserts.Sprinkle it on Yoghurt or Desserts. Mix it into Biscuits or Cookies or Spreads. Stir it into Ice-Cream.

    Making Freeze-Dried Grapes at Home

    Equipment You’ll need – a freeze dryer. You’ll have to shell out the cash – but think of the snacks you’ll be able to make!

    Red and green grapes were already great snack food, and now freeze-dried grapes have just upped the ante. For the uber-health food fanatic or the person who lives solely for the tasty-licious moment, grab a bag of freeze-dried grapes. Grapes taste like grapes!


    Are freeze-dried grapes as healthy as fresh grapes?

    Yes, they retain most of their nutritional value!

    Where can I buy freeze-dried grapes?

    Health food stores, online retailers, or make them at home with a freeze dryer.

    How long do freeze-dried grapes last?

    If stored properly, they can last over 30 years.

    Can I freeze-dry other fruits the same way?

    Absolutely! Berries, bananas, and even kiwi work great.

    Why do freeze-dried grapes have a crunchier texture than fresh grapes?

    The water content has been removed, leaving a light and crunchy texture behind.



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