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  • Freeze Dried Skittles & How to Freeze Dry Skittles?


    Preparing Skittles for Freeze Drying

    Before dip-packing your Skittles in liquid propane and putting them through the freeze drying process, there are steps you should take. Here’s how you do it.

    Sorting and Cleaning

    Put the Skittles into groups by colour, so they dry at the same rate. Take out any crushed or discoloured candies. Give each of your Skittles a gentle rinse to wash away any dust or discoloration.

    Spreading the Skittles

    Spread the Skittles in an even layer on a tray (fitted with a non-stick mat or parchment paper) so they’re not closely packed. This allows the solution to evaporate evenly.


    Place the tray of Skittles in the freezer and let them pre-freeze for a few hours. Pre-freezing the candy will help maintain the food item’s shape before and after the freeze drying process.

    Freeze Drying Process

    Now that your Skittles are made what you need to do is almost ready, just needs to freeze them dry. tell you how:

    Set up the Freeze Dryer

    If you have a home freeze dryer, be sure to set it up according to the manufacturer’s instructions and confident in your use of it – that the machine is in good repair and clean.

    Load the Skittles

    Place the chocolatey Skittles cores that you previously put in the freezer on the trays attached to your freeze dryer. Spread them into a single layer, leaving about an inch of space between each candy so that air can still circulate.

    Start the Freeze Drying Cycle

    Now turn on the freeze dryer and enter the settings according to what you will need for your Skittles. The time it takes to complete your dry cycle depends on the freeze drier you use and how many Skittles you want to dry but for the smaller ones, it’s close to a day.

    Monitor the Process

    Watch the freeze dryer while it’s in operation; it will finish the process in a matter of hours, even as the machine drains off moisture from the Skittles.

    Test for Dryness

    To test the candies to see if they are fully dehydrated, take a test sample and let it come to room temperature. If the piece feels crispy, and breaks easily, extra (*) time has elapsed, and we are done. If the piece still feels a bit soft or chewy, place it back in the freeze dryer and continue the cycle.

    Storing Freeze-Dried Skittles

    Once complete the freeze drying, store them in the following way to maintain the quality:


    Put the freeze-dried Skittles in vacuum-sealed bags or jars with tight-fitting lids; the less air there is inside the package, the less moisture it will absorb.

    Store in a Cool, Dry Place

    Keep it in a cool, dry spot. Direct sunlight or blazing heat will damage the Skittles.

    Shelf Life

    Although you might not plan to store Skittles for that long, when freeze-dried and stored properly, they can sit on a shelf for months to a year, and still be as brilliantly coloured and flavoured as they are today.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Here are some common questions about freeze-drying Skittles:

    Q1: Can you freeze dry Skittles at home? A1: Yes, subject to your home having a home freeze dryer. Home use machines are capable of efficiently freeze drying food products such as candies such as Skittles.

    Q2: For how long does the Skittles take to undergo freeze drying?A2: The time it takes for the Skittles to freeze dry will depend on the number being freeze dried and the freeze dryer used, but in general it will take several hours.

    Q3. Will I be able to consume the freeze-dried Skittles in their dry form or will they need to be rehydrated first?A3. You can eat the freeze-dried Skittles as is, with no modification. They have a light, crispy texture and strong flavors.

    Q4. Are freeze-dried Skittles good for long-term storage?A4. Freeze-dried Skittles work great for storage over a longer term. If stored in the right conditions, they can waylast for a significant amount of time; meaning you can have a delicious snack on-hand at all times.

    Q5: Can I freeze dry some of the other things on my list besides Butterfingers?A5: You bet. The process of freeze drying works on many kinds of candies. You might end up eating a quite surprising assortment of candies and, of course, be preserving them all.



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